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Welcome to Musical Phera, a way to make your weddings more vibrant and thrilling while considering all the old customs. Inspired by ancient Vedic tradition, we present a variety of musical performances that revitalize pheras and make them forever unforgettable.

Musical pheras- Our Aim

“A passion that enhances glamour and elegance to the joyous occasion of a wedding.”
We aim to rekindle the traditional Indian Vedic traditions of chants and music via musical pheras, which make a phera more holy and blessed while spreading a touch of pleasure through vivid performances. At weddings, we provide musical pheras that enhance the event while honoring the ancient Vedic wedding tradition. Because of the combination of music and indigenous feras, the wedding is much more lovely than expected.

Nowadays, people integrate many festivities such as parties, music, Mehdi, dance, and other associated shoves in the great occasion of marriage to make the wedding celebration more iconic and whimsical than planned. Except for close relatives, when it comes to Phera, wherein Vedic chants are recited during the wedding procedure, others begin to depart the venue to enjoy the supper since they are restless.

But we're here with Vinod Dadhich's Wedding Musical Phera/Musical Fere to assure that Pherais isn’t as dull as they have been in the past. We conduct musical Phera at marriages to make the experience more spectacular while honouring the old or Vedic wedding rite. The wedding is more beautiful than imagined because of the blend of music and indigenous Phera/Fere.

Why should you choose musical feras from an original one?

India is a country steeped in culture, customs, and music. Because of India's size and variety, Indian music has always embraced a diverse spectrum of genres and traditions. The same is true in the realm of weddings. The Saptapadi, or the Seven Pheras, is the solid basis of a Vedic wedding, and the Vedic literature holds the beginnings of music in ancient India. Musical chants and pheras have a rich history, and when done effectively, they may embrace and cherish the splendor of an old Hindu marriage rite.
We help make Indian wedding musical phere more meaningful and enjoyable by adding some flavors, such as ritual enchantings, bhajans, melodious Bollywood tracks, Rajasthani folklores, and Vedic mantra explanations.

"The Indian wedding is a complex and tradition-rich event that often lasts days. In this article, you'll get an idea of the different aspects of an Indian wedding, like fireworks to traditional dance performances, how long the ceremony and reception take place for, as well as the history behind them."

"Phere is an ancient Hindu ceremony that is still used today in some Indian villages. In a phere /fere wedding, a sacred fire is lit and offerings of rice and wine are given to the gods. It was not until recently that villagers began using electronic music to accompany their wedding ceremonies."

"If you are planning a wedding that is taking place in the United States, the best advice that I can give you will be to do your research. There are many different things to keep in mind - from how much to spend on a venue, what type of food people like, and whether or not there should be live entertainment."

How do we perform musical pheras?

Along with the chanting of mantras, the melodic musical phere program includes filmi tunes, Rajasthani melodies, Hindi bhajans, territorial songs, seven pledges, and the value of mantras, psalms, and a variety of other items with explanations. As you can see, the main thing you're seeing is an idea or a test. The melodic phere display is incredibly elaborated, and Hindu Sanatan Vivah Sanskar Vidhi/Jain Vivah Sanskar Vidhi suitably follows it.
This program isn't only for newlyweds; it's also appropriate to stand by and listen to everyone involved at the wedding, with the hope that they will be aware of the wedding ceremony ramifications and that this information would be valuable to them in their married life. As a result, the concept of musical fera exemplifies the splendor of Indian wedding rituals. "Ramayan - Prabhu Ram and Sita Mata" Vivah inspired this musical wedding phere.
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